Exit Agency is different from M&A advisories, we only work with creative agencies. We work with CEOs, chairman, founders and shareholders of creative agencies who are looking for an exit. We assist with preparing the business and plan the best exit strategy for the founders, create the resources needed to market the business and then conduct a search for a buyer.

We are the only Exit Agency

We source deals by accessing our network of entrepreneurs, professionals and influencers in the creative industries, approaching owners and directors and assisting

with negotiations. We are unique that we only work with creative agencies so our network in this area is extremely strong. We often have a buyer in mind before we even begin our searches as we are regularly speaking to our contacts and observing M&A in the creative industries. Many agencies come directly to us when they are ready to sell as we are known as the only Exit Agency in the market.

Our competitors work in silos that were invented in a time when technology, media and telecoms were “other” fields bunched together. While we know that technology and telecoms are an everyday part of the media business there is no sense in straddling LED manufacturers, mobile phone mast owners and a live comms agency when it comes to merging or acquiring businesses. Let’s also be clear what we’re not, we are not brokers, brokers act like an estate agency for small businesses, taking fees to list your business openly on their marketplace. We are not lawyers, while many lawyers claim to help you sell your business, what they mean is they will help to negotiate the contract once you have spent 6-12 months finding and negotiating with a company that wants to buy your agency. We are not investment bankers either, they will take fees to prepare many, many in depth reports that mask the fact that they are unlikely to look very hard for a buyer. That report? Prepared by a very junior member of staff straight outta uni.

If you’re thinking of selling your agency speak to Exit Agency, we have the creative, advertising and media business experience required to help you exit your agency. 

Are you thinking of selling your agency?


A Vision

To be the world’s #1 online destination for founders of creative agencies to find advice on how to exit their business

A Philosophy

Our philosophy is to focus only on creative agencies because we feel that creatives, the founders and owners of creative businesses speak a different language from the accountants and lawyers that plague the M&A process.

The Exit Agency is a London based M&A advisory focused exclusively on helping the owners of creative agencies to exit their businesses. We work with our clients to identify potential buyers of their companies, make contact with the stakeholders and tactfully approach them about the availability of the business.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can assist with exiting your agency please contact us.


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We help business owners get their agencies ready to sell

Exit Coaching

Advising a broad range of businesses from tech startups, events companies, fashion designers and skincare brands about preparing to exit their businesses

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Setting entrepreneurs free, we help business owners release stored up equity in their businesses so they can move on to their next project