The Exit Coach

When you’re considering whether it’s time for you to sell your agency, there are so many questions unanswered about what the best way to exit your business but there seems to be no-one around to ask. At the Exit Agency we partner with CEOs who are considering their exit and coach them through preparing their agency to sell for the best price on your own terms.

Hire an exit coach

You may be a relatively new agency, an influencer agency or digital design agency, or you may be marcoms, a traditional PR agency with many decades of history… regardless, you want to know if you can get the best price for your hard work, you want to know what needs to be done to sell the business, for you to extract yourself from the business but also to look after your staff and leave your legacy in good shape once it’s been handed over.

What type of agency needs an exit coach?

  • Influencer agency
  • PR agency
  • Event agency
  • Ad agency
  • Marcoms
  • Martech
  • Media agency
  • Adtech

An exit coach is the best way to keep control of the exit process, to strategically plan the process with you in the driving seat. An exit coach will help you to understand how to get the best value for your business, how to find an M&A advisor, what parts of a deal are the easiest parts to negotiate and answer a tonne of other questions to getting your exit strategy right and knowing when the best time is to find a buyer for your agency.

An exit coach helps you

An exit coach will help you to think about who your buyer is likely to be, strategic buyers are common, but what about PE, holding companies or your own employees backed by investors.

An exit coach will help you to plan your strategy for an exit and understand your options before you dive into finding a buyer and negotiating one of the most life changing processes you may have to be part of. With a minimal commitment than hiring an advisory or investment banker and with the chance for someone to go through your dirty laundry in private without it having an impact on your sale price, an exit coach is a great way to have a considered approach to exiting your business. A chance to get your business in order with a second pair of eyes running over where you may be missing opportunities either on the balance sheet or for low hanging fruit for growing the business and maxing out success.

Exit coach an entrepreneur

The Exit Agency is made up of a group of entrepreneurs from creative, media and tech businesses like you, who have experienced exits for themselves as well as advising many companies on both sides of the table. Their clients include large agencies and PLCs as well as founders, entrepreneurs and CEOs who are buying and selling agencies in the UK, EU and USA.

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